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Brian Francis Culkin

Brian Francis Culkin is a writer, cultural critic, film director, playwright, and astrological theorist. He is the author of close to 20 books as well directing 3 films amongst other creative endeavors.


After a short career in real estate finance in Boston, Massachusetts, Brian transitioned into his writing and artistic career as well as re-locating to the jungles of South America where he currently resides in Iquitos, Peru. 

Brian is highly versed in many facets of astrology and brings his wide array of astrological knowledge, personal experience, and psychological awareness to each and every reading. 

He is highly fluent in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, KP Astrology, Fixed Stars, and the Sabian Symbols.

Brian's approach to astrology is both experimental and grounded, perhaps reflected in his own positions of Mercury (Sag, conjunct IC) and Sun (Capricorn). His primary astrological influence is the French polymath Dane Rudhyar, and many of the theories and concepts introduced by Rudhyar Brian incorporates into his own work and life. He has also been very influenced by the contemporary Indian astrologer Umang Taneja. 

He routinely does consultations for clients around the world. 

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