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Experience the power of an astrological consultation with Astro-Theory

Birth chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

1 hour  /   $150

90 min /  $225

We approach a natal chart in a multi-faceted way. Drawing on techniques in the Western tradition of astrology, Vedic, Sabin Symbols, and KP Astrology - as well as numerology - a natal reading is a complete profile of the clients birth chart. 

In the reading, we will discuss in depth the basic structure of the natal chart and all of the tendencies that are inscribed into the specific astrological picture.


We will also look at the current astrological situation, in terms of transits, progressions, and cycles that maybe affecting the natal chart in the present moment.

A natal reading with Astro-Theory is a complete and thorough astrological analysis. 

Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

2 hours /   $325

A relationship reading, an an astrological analysis between two individual charts, is the perfect way to further understand the structure of any interpersonal relationship. Whether it be with a romantic partner, a family member, or a potential business associate, a relational astrological analysis isolates and brings to light the basic dynamic

of the relationship in question.


In this reading, we will first do brief overviews of each individual chart, and then proceed into a full analysis of the relationship itself. 

yearly Transit Reading

Yearly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   $150

This is a reading that exclusively focuses on the current astrological picture. In this consultation, we will focus on the present challenges, opportunities, and changes that are presenting themselves to the natal chart. 

Drawing on various techniques, we will help the client to more fully understand the specific constellation of change and energy that is currently affecting the chart by the position of the planets in the present moment.

Sabian Symbols Reading                                  1 hour  /   $200

This is a powerful reading but only recommended for people whom already have a remedial understanding of astrological basics. In this reading we will do a degree by degree analysis of each of your planetary positions, using the Sabian Symbols to excavate and further understand the symbolic architecture of the natal birth chart. 

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