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I knew that Brian was an incisive commentator on political and cultural matters, and of course a prolific author. But until I had the privilege of meeting him in 2018, I was unaware that Brian is – perhaps first and foremost – a master astrologer. Having always had a slightly vague fascination with astrology, I requested an analysis of my natal chart from Brian. Having had a few readings with supposedly reputable astrologers over the years, all of which shed some light on aspects of my personality – but told me little I didn’t already know or could put to good use – I was entirely unprepared for the results. First, he identified with astounding accuracy what was going on with my parents at the time of my birth and the formative influences which affected me throughout my early years – and continued to hamper me throughout my adult life. Furthermore, Brian gave me the tools to overcome many obstacles which had been sabotaging me for decades. Brian also revealed strengths I didn’t know I had and inspired me to capitalize on them. I would not recommend a consultation with Brian if you're looking for a fluffy, feelgood reading. When it comes to your weaknesses – and we all have them – he doesn’t pack his punches. But weaknesses are there to be acknowledged and dominated, and there Brian can help you like no other. Brian has an encyclopedic knowledge of both the tropical and Vedic astrological systems and he continues to amaze me with his remarkable perceptions about the effects of astral events both on the collective and the personal.

Nico Bruce

Brian was the first person to make astrology come alive in my life. The breadth of his multidisciplinary thinking helped me understand my natal chart in a more holistic and thoughtful way than I had experienced prior. I was able to pay attention to patterns in my life that I didn't realize were so meaningful, which led to a deeper mastery of self. I'm grateful for Brian's knowledge, but also his compassion, humility, and even humor that he brought to our conversations.

Ian Bodaken

Brian's depth of astrological wisdom is breathtaking. A reading with him provides a gentle, loving path towards a new level of understanding of the world in and around me. 

Elizabeth Russett 

I have had a few astrological readings in the past and I would consider Brian's to be the best so far.  Without knowing me he immediately knew my strongest inclinations and pin pointed my life's work.  His reading helped me to have confidence in my path by confirming my intuitions.  I have recommended Brian to several friends and will continue to do so.

Robert M. 

Brian's knowledge of the planets and how to work with them is mind blowing. Through my work with him, I have been able to examine my own shadow in relation to my natal chart to power through challenging situations and use for my own benefit. 

He has done composite charts between my children and I and helped to identity personality strengths that I can help to foster their growth. The best tool I didn't know I needed is the astrological understanding of what makes me, me. 

Marisa Matluck

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